How to Make Perfect Winged Eyeliner?


We should just all agree that nothing raises your eye make up game like a flawlessly drawn hair-raising winged eye-liner. It looks extremely hot and supplements essentially every kind of look. With winged liner being the most boiling design you can’t let your tricky hands and nonappearance of capacity get you a long way from achieving this achievement. Follow our bit by bit informative exercise to make cat eyes and wings that are adequately sharp to kill.

How To Do Winged Eyeliner?

System 1: How To Make Winged Eyeliner With Determined Eyeliner Brush?

This one has been extraordinarily expected to help you with your winged eyeliner setbacks. Genuinely talking, it doesn’t get any less difficult than this. You can in like manner wet the brush fairly for an extremely smooth result.

Bit by bit Educational exercise

Plunge the point brush in your eyeliner pot and spot it on the outer edge of your eye making a point with your asylums

Detect a comparable brush over the line you just pulled in a turned around configuration to make the upper curve of your wing

Procedure 2: Free Hand Guide

For sure, it needs some preparation and a steady hand, but with a little resilience and real technique, it is absolutely attainable to apply incredible and amazing winged eye-liner.

Bit by bit Educational exercise

Take a pencil eyeliner and characterize an extensive limit on the outside edge of your eyes making a point with your eyebrows. Change the length according to your optimal length of the wing

As of now, place the pencil where this line completes and characterize a limit that flicks inside with a slight twist and loosen up the line to the internal corner of your eye. In case you feel that it is difficult to widen a comparative line in on one go, grow it almost the entire way into your upper lash line and thereafter continue till the internal corner. Endeavor to guarantee that the line lessens constantly, particularly if you have more humble eyes

By and by, top off the opening until no skin peeps through from between the upper and the truth that shapes your wing.

In the event that you endorse a milder fulfillment, leave it in light of everything. Be that as it may, expecting you need your wings to be truly striking and extraordinary, take a liquid eyeliner and circumspectly track with the lines you have made with your pencil eyeliner. Similarly, in the event that you are needing to join this movement, you can allow your lines to be a little horrendous on the edge while using the pencil eyeliner. The liquid eyeliner will cover the unforgiving edges to give a thoroughly smooth fruition.

Strategy 3: With Tape How To Apply Winged Eyeliner

Apart from reliably fixing your torn stuff, your scotch tape or antiquated cellophane is furthermore fit for helping you with drawing magnificent winged eyeliners

Bit by bit Informative exercise

Cut a tape assessing around 2 cm and stick along the outer edge of your eyes in a point you would require your wings to be.

Track with the determined edge with your eyeliner to draw the wing using the formats of the tape as course.

Finish by widening the line along your upper lash line.

Method 4: How To Make Perfect Winged Eyeliner With Spoon?

Head to your kitchen and get a spoon to give you the ideal winged eyeliner you by and large needed. The straight edge of the handle and the curve of the spoon is an optimal instrument to coordinate for smooth and definite wings.

Bit by bit Educational exercise

Hold the handle of the spoon at the outside corner of your eye.

Characterize a straight limit with your eyeliner following the line of the handle.

By and by, place the changed part of the spoon and cup your eyelids.

Use the changed edge to make the amazing tip of your wing.

Consume in the space between two lines with eyeliner and extend the liner onto your upper lash line like you ordinarily do.

Procedure 5: How To Make An Optimal Winged Eyeliner With Business Card?

Your response for expertly draw winged eyeliners is reasonable sitting in your travel bag.

Bit by bit Informative exercise

Take a business card and characterize a limit by and large to facilitate with the size of your eyes and the way in which you need your wings to be

Take a scissor and cut out the model you have drawn

Procedure 6: Making Winged Eyeliner With Swipe Card

Use your credit or charge card for helping you with drawing your winged eyeliner, instead of paying to buy expensive stencils and instruments for achieving ideal wings with your eyeliners.

Bit by bit Informative exercise

Hold the straight edge of the card at the outer corner of your eye making a slight skewed with your safe-havens.

Track with the straight edge with eyeliner to make the wings.

Loosen up the eyeliner to the inner corners of your eyes along the upper lash line.

P.S. You can in like manner use a pen or a pencil or basically any straight object and follow a comparative procedure to achieve a straight wing. Regardless, in these cases, the wing is most likely going to be more sharp and less dazzling.

Tips And Shields To Be Followed While Applying Winged Eyeliner

  • Be careful of the choice of your eyeliner type. Eyeliners essentially come in three images—liquid, gel and pencil. While liquid and gel liners give a more solid and striking fulfillment, it might be to some degree jumbled to work with, particularly for youngsters. Of course, pencils give a milder and subtler fulfillment, it gives you an exceptional control and is in this manner recommended for youngsters.
  • Winged eyeliner and cat eyes looks extremely hot on almost everyone and can be worn for any occasion or even reliably. You can, regardless, play with the length and sharpness of the wings depending upon the level of performance you are going for. Similarly, find the game plan and condition of the wings that supplement the condition of your eye, and change it fittingly.
  • On the off chance that you are a beginner, it’s all things considered ordinary to wreck eyeliners even with all the heading. Unwind in case you submit a blunder. Plunge a q-tip in oil stick and gently erase the smear with it. You can in like manner use an unquestionable lipgloss for a convenient arrangement.
  • To have a far superior order over liquid eyeliners, toss it in a cooler for 10-15 minutes. This will set the instrument to simplify it to control.
  • So as of now with this heap of tips and misdirects in your kitty, all that is left to be done is taking your eyeliner and assessing this ultra excitement look. Do whatever it takes not to stress in case you don’t get it in the first go. It takes a little practice and a bit of constancy to overwhelm the art of eyeliner like an expert. You will show up, till then, use these hacks and keep on killing.

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